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All the fruits from Rhône-Alpes to Drôme production area.

First transdormation out of agro-business industries.

Storage under negative conditions for third-party account.

Process & Equipments

Deep-freezing of 22 tonnes / day

Storage of 5840 pallets to - 25°C

Energy gestion optimized

Use of very low greenhouse effect gases:  CO2 et NH3

Totale traceability form the production field to the finished product.

Producers & Project

Active businesse since 2008 and hold by about 40 producers.

Goal : Empower their production and sustain the processing industry.


09 61 67 55 97


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Products & Performances

Located in Chanas (Isère), central to one of the biggest fruits production area, Gélifruit is specialized in the reception and the deep-freezing of fruits but also in their storage under negative cold conditions. Above its initial objective and since many agri-food business have been setteled in the region, Gélifruit has broadened its sector of activity to other products than fruits. In this way, the structure provides services in the storage under negative cold conditions of any foodstuffs. Those can be in the form of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. First transformations services and fruits packaging are realized too, out of agro-business industries (1000 tonnes of processed fruits in 2013).


Gélifruit propose to date the fallowing services:


  • Storage capacity:

• 250 pallets under positive cold conditions (+4°C)

• 5840 pallets under negative cold conditions (-25°C)


  • Rapid deep- freezing :

• 22 tonnes of fruits from +4°C to -26°C in 24 hours


  • Order loading


  • Unloading of container


  • Order picking


  • Transformation and production of frozen fruits:

• Stoning of fruits

• Individual Quick frozen (IQF)

• Reconditioning (Big bag, cardboard of 10 Kg…)


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unloading of pears gelifruit

Unloading  of pears

frozen apricots sorting gélifruit

Frozen apricots sorting  

inward weighing of mirabelles Gelifruit

Inward weighing of mirabelles

big bag repacking gélifruit

Big bag repacking

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Process & Equipments


To ensure a quality service, Gélifruit undertakes an investment in modern, efficient and environmentally friendly equipment:

  • 2 cold rooms regulated between 0 and +4°C, with a capacity of 200 tonnes

  • 1 freezer  able to cool 22 tonnes of fruits per day from +4°C to -26°C

  • 2 cold rooms able to store 5840 pallets between -25 and -26 °C

  • An effective monitoring and energy management system capable of regulating the storage temperature while optimizing power consumption.

  • A cooling installation of the latest state of art using exclusively gases producing very low greenhouse emissions: CO2 and NH3

  • A modern, efficient and ecological heat recovery system

  • A stock management system offering a total traceability from the cardboard to the production field.

  • A production workshop dedicated to transformation and reconditioning of fresh and frozen fruits, equipped with a cryogenic deep-freezing tunnel that allows getting IQF products.


The IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) processes able to freeze every piece individually.

In this way is guaranteed a high microbiological quality, an optimum conservation of the taste, a nutritional value and texture of the fruits, which are ready for use after this process.


Quality: under this system, the ice crystals formed in the tissue’s cells are smaller, thus avoiding the rupturing of the walls of the cells which maintain the tissues from the fruits. Therefore, during the thawing, damage to sensitive fruits are minimized.


Appearance: The product is frozen on an upward air stream and its natural shape is maintained.  


Efficiencie: Extremely quick freezing of the surface reduces de-hydration to a minimum. The efficiencie reaches is maximum due to the fact that there is little or no blocks.


Gélifruit ensure a strict quality control at all stages of storage and transformation.

Gélifruit has chosen for its flexibility, the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control).


This international quality and food safety assurance  system allows to control the food security of the entire product line along the production.


The HACCP process involves in:


  1. To identify all the dangers (microbiological, chemical ou physical) which are likely to alter the products’ quality at all the stages of the production.

  2. To control thereafter these dangers through the establishment of preventive measures such as constant monitoring system, allowing theirs removal or their maintain to an acceptable level.  

  3. To check by regular evaluations that the preventive measures established are efficient to ensure the food-safety of the products.


towel of NH3 supplying the cryogenic deep-freezing tunnel gélifruit

Towel of N2 supplying the cryogenic deep-freezing tunnel

cooling installation and heat recovery system gélifruit

Engine room (Cooling installation and heat recovery system) 

storage in negative cold conditions gélifruit

Storage in negative

cold room

moving racking in negative cold room gélifruit

Moving racking in negative cold room

cascade cold production radar graphic gélifruit

Cascade quick freezing with NH3 + CO2

This recent technique has clear environmental benefits shown in this multicriteria analysis:


IE : Environnemental Impact ‐ GWP

1 = Very low (<10) 2 = Low (<150) 3 = Medium (< 750)

4 = High (>750) 5 = Very high (>1500), 6 = Extremely high (>2500)


CE : Energy consumption

0 = Low 3= Medium 6 = High


RS : Risk to security

0=ClassA1 2=A2L 4=A2 etB2 6=A3etB3


CO : Cost of the solution

0=Low 3=Medium 6=High


DI : Availability

6 = Laboratory 3 = Démonstration site 0 = Industrial


CA : Volumetric capacity

0 = Sufficient 3 = Medium 6 = Insufficient



Producers & Project

Gelifruit has been created in 2008, on the initiative of about 40 producers from the production area in Rhône-Alpes.

In this part of the region Rhône-Alpes, the climate conducive allows the crop production of almost every species of fruits that existed in the country.  

Attracted by this production area, many fruits-processing businesses have settled in the region in the eighties. They empower this quality raw material produces in big quantity.  It’s on the same approach that Gélifruit was created. The legal form is a SA and the structure is completely independent, nearly fully hold by producers who are shareholders. The initial goal of the society is to create the « strong link » in the transformed fruits sector of the region Rhône-Alpes.  Gélifruit wants to be a link between producers and industrial businesses to sustain the transformed fruits sector in this region and to create new opportunities for the farms operations.

head office gélifruit
reception docks gélifruit
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Les Crées - Route de Grenoble

38150 CHANAS

Tél : 09 61 67 55 97

Fax : 04 74 54 13 49

Mail : contact@gelifruit.fr

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